Plan,Allocate and Organize

Manage your Operations, Trips and Activities using Altair’s user-friendly and easy scheduling tool:

  • You can easily and quickly plan today’s, this week’s or this month’s trips and have an overview of the vehicles and when they are in operation, under maintenance or out of service.
  • You can use Altair to optimize your operations and save a huge amount of costs by ensuring that a smart and cost-effective schedule and allocation plan is maintained. Avoid any conflicts of operations or scheduling of vehicles that are out of service and track the performance and utilization of your entire fleet.
  • Maintain your customer database and use your billing tool to generate invoices for scheduled trips.
  • You can also use Altair to manage your driver allocations and shifts. Altair helps you to optimize the distribution and allocation of drivers to vehicles.

Allocate your staff by fleet activities, dispatch them and organize their priorities. View and edit the profile of your employees, while you are enable to mange your recruitment process.

Return On Investment

  • Save time by being proactive: generate invoices for scheduled trip through the use of customer database.
  • Organize simply and efficiently your staff timetable and reduce overtime expenses by 10%.


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