Secure and Reliable

Risks might be unavoidable; however you still have the ability to limit your exposure and to protect your staff. Be aware of the safety of your drivers and vehicles thanks to Altair.

Check the security level of your fleet

Altair helps you to receive notifications about the speeding of every vehicle. Indeed, if it is important to control the speed of your fleet in order to avoid extra costs like speeding fines or expenses due to over use, it is also crucial to monitor the security level that it involves. A weak safety on a vehicle might lead to incidents which can induce human, financial or environmental costs. Avoid these fundamental problems by controlling the security level of your fleet thanks to Altair features.

Assess the safety behavior of your staff

Reduce the exposure level of your employees by setting speed limits. Manage your drivers schedule in order to avoid tired conductors and to minimize dangerous behavior. Do not take for granted that your employees do not feel responsible and do not care about safety: set realistic targets with them and involve them in the process by increasing their awareness towards security matters.