Fact About Using Altair

Altair enables you to improve the return on investments of your fleet activities. Through our return on investment facts, assumptions and summary, get a better idea of how much money you could save and return per month.

Fuel Consumption

  • Minimize your fuel bills by up to 40% , even in the situation where oil prices are hiking up by tracking fuel consumption, optimizing schedules and avoiding unnecessary and unscheduled trips.
  • Diminishing fuel consumption of 5% per month decreases greenhouse emissions as if 10% of vehicles were removed from fleet.
  • Driving 160 km/h, every slow down by 10% saves 20% of fuel consumption.

GPS tracking

  • Check if your vehicles are well-used by building geofences on the map: receive alerts whenever drivers leave the defined area.
  • Many insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles equipped with GPS: receive lower insurance rates up to 35% .
  • Limit the speed of your drivers enables you to decrease accidents rate by 15% and to save money by avoiding speed fines.


  • Monitor vehicles status: a right tire condition decreases fuel consumption by up to 0,7l/100km.
  • Mandate annual motor vehicle records checks and require safe-driver training will enable you to reduce your accident rate by 15% .
  • Keep a watch on your vehicles condition: regular maintenance reduces your costs by up to 5% per month.


  • Save time by being proactive: generate invoices for scheduled trip through the use of customer database.
  • Organize simply and efficiently your staff timetable and reduce overtime expenses by 10% .


  • Fast data gathering, automatic data analysis and time-real actions will make you save up to 35% of your time.
  • Take all your decisions from a central point of command and reduce your communication costs by up to 30% .
  • Reduce your costs with Altair by up to 21.5%