Track your Fleet Anytime,Anywhere

Follow up on your vehicle positions live on the map. You can see where the vehicles are now, how fast they are driving and where they have been in past periods. Find out where the vehicles stopped and how long/fast they were driving during certain times. You can also build ‘geofences’ on the map and receive an alert whenever the driver drives outside a certain area defined by you.

By controlling the speed of your drivers live or via speed charts, you will reduce petrol or diesel costs, ensure safety of your operations and ensure proper driving behavior. The speed charts show you over-speeding periods and where the vehicle was at the time. Plus, you can get a live alert on your phone immediately if a speed level is reached.

Return On Investment

  • Check if your vehicles are well-used by building geofences on the map: receive alerts whenever drivers leave the defined area.
  • Many insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles equipped with GPS: receive lower insurance rates up to 35%.
  • Limiting the speed of your drivers enables you to decrease accidents rate by 15% and to save money by avoiding speed fines.


gpstracking 2

Be proactive: thanks to the GPS tracking, control your drivers speed and avoid 90% of the speeding fines.