GPS Tracking and Monitoring

This is the technologically most advanced vehicle security system that takes care of your vehicle all the time and everywhere on earth. Now, you can eliminate the chances of your vehicle getting hijacked and stolen because whenever you want to find your vehicle, you can easily track it and monitor it through the GPS.

Track your vehicle, from anywhere anytime

Tracking your vehicle is easier than ever with GPS, and it can be done from anywhere, anytime.

Set up limitations for your vehicle

You can set up speed limit and location limit for your vehicle too. This means that there will be a geofencefor your vehicle that would prevent it to enter or leave a certain location and in thecase of any breach, you will be notified immediately to take further action. This way, you can know if someone else is driving your car or can prevent anybody from stealing it by contacting police right away you get the notification.

Protecting Friends and family

If your relative or friend is having your car and you are unable to contact them, then there is nothing to worry. You can easily track them down through GPS and know where their exact location within a 5-meter radius. So, you will be able to know where they are heading to and in case, there is any emergency or accident, you can contact the police to rescue them as soon as possible.

Decrease the vehicle theft rate

According to a study, 10,000 vehicles are stolenannually, and this greatly defines the need of an efficient and more secure system. GPS tracking and monitoring is the system that will be helpful in bringing this rate down!

Technologically most secure system

GPS tracking and monitoring, as already mentioned, is technologically the most secure system that is soon going to replace the traditional security methods of alarms and locks that were ineffective in keeping the vehicle secure. Cards continued to get stolen even though protecting by car alarms and steering wheel locks.

The thieves find it easy to disable the alarm and disarm your vehicle to steal it. Or in thecase of a steering lock, a few tools are sufficient to disable the lock. So, there is no need to keep your vehicle endangered even after spending money on its ineffective security system.

For a complete peace of mind and flawless security system, get GPS tracking and monitoring for your vehicle.