Control Consumption and utilization

Altair manages and controls your fuel consumption and asset utilization. It enables you to measure your vehicles fuel expenses. Track the costs by measuring the history of consumption, reduce your fuel bills, and increase your vehicle life-cycle.

Moreover, you can track the actual drives of vehicles and ensure that there are no additional unnecessary drives done other then scheduled and that drivers only use the vehicles for dispatched company operations.

Return On Investment

Minimize your fuel bills by up to 40%, even in the situation where oil prices are hiking up by tracking fuel consumption, optimizing schedules and avoiding unnecessary and unscheduled trips.

Diminishing fuel consumption of 5% per month decreases greenhouse emissions as if 10% of vehicles were removed from fleet.

Driving 160 km/h, every slow down by 10% saves up to 20% of fuel consumption.



So assuming variable operating cost of $0.26 per kilometer and a monthly decrease of 550 kilometers per vehicle, it is possible to save monthly $143 per vehicle.