Altair Cloud Software as a Service

This means that our cloud SaaS software solution is available anywhere anytime through the internet.

  • No upfront investment into PCs, servers or software licenses required.
  • No headaches of backup, data management and security. No need for IT Administration.
  • All you need is the Internet and off you go using this service with a minimum monthly subscription fee that you can cancel anytime.

Benefits to use Altair as a cloud version

  • Save money by not having to purchase servers or other software to support use, everything runs from the browser
  • Focus Budgets on competitive advantage rather than infrastructure
  • Monthly obligation rather than up front capital cost
  • Reduced need to predict scale of demand and infrastructure investment up front as available capacity matches demand
  • Multi-Tenant efficiency
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Easy to use

Fleet management at work for you – saving costs and time. Learn more about the other benefits and features. Or check out Altair Enterprise.