Advantages Of Using Altair

Altair facilitates your fleet management on a range of different levels, especially for dealing with the human, financial and environmental issues. Create a strong return on investment and generate key performance indicators – which will help you to set and reach your aims – thanks to our fleet management system.

Altair enables you to improve considerably the quality of your activities through efficient features , while it will increase your management awareness . Reduce your expenses and adapt this fleet management system to your needs.

Save Costs

Based on how you make use of Altair, there are several substantial reductions of cost through enhanced efficiency in operations. Extend the life of vehicles and equipment, reduce total operating expenses, reduce unnecessary inventory, reduce dead-legs and time-lags, optimize and reduce your fuel consumption.

Capability of Employee

Let Altair manage and organize your fleet and employees. As you have online access anytime from anywhere in the world you will always have access to your data. Altair substantially reduces time and effort of your employees. As they save time at work by making use of a high-tech solution, they can focus on important issues, keep an overview of running and future activities and make quick decisions.

Long Term Advantages

Fleet managers need a comprehensive, usable and powerful system that helps them manage and make strategic decisions at a fleet-wide level for short and long-term strategies. Let Altair be your strategic partner.

Simplify your daily work

The solution is unique in using a highly visual interface for both viewing and organizing resources and information. Altair is a user-friendly and simple solution which makes it easier and quicker to allocate resources as well as to monitor and continuously optimize your operations. You are only a few clicks away from accessing up to date reports, statements of work, allocating and tracking your resource activities and making a strategic decision.

Besides, Altair enables you to:

  • Keep overview and control of your fleet
  • Manage resources
  • Enhance fleet & asset utilization
  • Data reporting for immediate management decisions
  • Global access to information and reports anywhere & anytime
  • Reduce costs
  • Track your operations
  • Business rules management