Knowledge is Power

Be more competitive by implementing Altair for your company and increase the control of your vehicles. The management awareness will be greatly improved by the use of a fleet management system, especially because it will offer you the opportunity to control your operations through the use of simple and efficient tools .

Indeed, Altair enables you to focus on the major issues of your fleet. It helps you to center your attention on the core activities of your company. Maximize your investments and meet the financial, human or environmental challenges of your business.

Altair offers you the complete package of features which will facilitate your daily management. Keep an eye on the fleet overview through the dashboard , anticipate and solve the maintenance issues of your vehicles, allocate quickly works orders to your employees, track in live the status of your fleet and manage the consumption and costs of every vehicle. Their is much more into this.

Fleet managers need a comprehensive, usable and powerful system that helps them manage and make strategic decisions at a fleet-wide level for short and long-term strategies. Let Altair be your strategic partner.

Led by a vision to be a cost-effective , globally accessible powerful software as a service for fleet operations, Altair has helped governments and various private industry fleet companies implement a system that helps push their level of efficiency and productivity to a whole new level.